Screen sucking — it’s a thing!


Screen sucking --- it's a thing!
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With all the technology that we now have, gadgets we can play with, and social media to interact with.. there is danger that these will cause the contradictory effect of what they are trying to aim at — make life easier.

Screen sucking — I heard this from a leadership audio book I found interesting. It’s when you engage with your gadget (laptop, tablet, phone, TV, etc.) and you find it hard to let go, losing track of time. It’s a phenomenon when a gadget sucks your attention in and serves as an ultimate distraction source.

What does it affect?

1) Productivity – To fully appreciate the effect it has on your productivity, try to keep away from your gadgets (all of them) for at least a day and see how much you can do. This is assuming that what you do doesn’t directly involve any…

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