PRINT FAQ – What is Offset Printing?

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I’ve heard the term offset printing, but I’m not sure exactly what that means, or why it is important. Can you help?


The most important thing to know about offset printing is that it is most appropriate for larger runs of printed material, (e.g., quantities of 500 and up, per design). Far from being extinct, over 90% of printed material worldwide is printed offset. However, the process of printing offset is involved and time-consuming, thus most of the cost is in the set-up. If you are doing smaller quantities (e.g., under 500 per design), usually digital printing is more economical.


“Offset” in printing terms refers to the process of printing by creating plates and then having the plates offset to the rubber blanket, which then applies the ink to the paper. Plates are typically metal or polyester, though they can be made of paper or plastic. At our…

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Checklist For Buying Quality Printer Toner and Ink Supplies

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More and more people are shopping online to search for their printer and toner supplies. There are online shops that carry almost every brand name and accessory in existence. There are advantages and disadvantages of using an online source for these products, and a few things to watch out for while shopping as well. Here’s a quick checklist of what to look for when buying printer and toner supplies online.

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Inkjet Refill Kits – The Economical And Environmentally Friendly Way To Reduce Printing Cost

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Inkjet printing is the most popular printing technology for home users and small businesses. Inkjet printers are versatile, inexpensive and produce good printing quality. The price of inkjet printers has dropped considerably over the past few years but the cost of replacement ink cartridges remains extremely high.

To reduce the printing cost, consumers are looking for cheap alternatives. There are many options available, such as compatible / generic cartridges or remanufactured / refurbished cartridges. But the most economical and environmentally friendly way is to use the inkjet refill kits.

For example, a typical name brand replacement cartridge costs $20-30. The price of a dual refill kit is only $10, which can refill the ink cartridge twice. That means consumers can save 75-80% buying one refill kit instead of two new cartridges. Refilling old cartridges is also good for the environment. It saves landfill space to dispose used cartridges and extra…

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Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet spotted in the UK, pre-orders start at £199.99 for September 13 release

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nexus 7 featured image 520x245 Googles new Nexus 7 tablet spotted in the UK, pre orders start at   199.99 for September 13 release

Google’s highly anticipated new Nexus 7 tablet was unveiled to the masses yesterday, but it looks like consumers in the UK will need to wait until September before they can get their mitts on a unit.

AndroidCentral spotted today that Currys and PC World, two high-profile brick-and-mortar retailers owned by Dixons Retail, are already listed with an expected release date of September 13. That’s considerably later than July 30, when consumers in the US can purchase it from the Google Play store, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Staples and other retailers.

Currys and PC World are pricing the 16GB model at 199.99 and the 32GB variant at 239.99, considerably higher than the $229.99 ( 150) price tag offered in the United States.

Both the price and date could be subject to change, but it’s an early indicator of when Google’s new flagship tablet could hit markets outside the US.

The slate…

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